Let’s make your app!

Welcome to the first step in creating your custom radio apps for iOS and Android. Here’s what is needed to get started:


1. Apple now requires the copyright holder (that’s you) to have your own Apple Developer account. You will need to enroll as an organization and complete the steps to get verified at  https://developer.apple.com/programs/enroll/. You must enroll as an organization. The developer account costs $99 per year. The upside is that your app will be listed under your company name rather than ours.

2. If you want to show your current song or song history, you’ll need to supply a link to a xml, json or rss feed from your streaming provider or middlewear software. Check with your streaming provider first. For example Securenet Systems provides this from their Dashboard.

3. Preview of items we’ll ask you for:

  • Name of app
  • description for app store
  • Stream URL
  • Song history URL (xml, rss, json)
  • Social media Links
  • hirez logo
  • Shout Out banner (options, we can help design)
  • Shout Out sample mp3 (to play for listeners, optional)
  • Colors (background, main, secondary)
  • Podcast/On Demand RSS feed (optional)
  • One Signal login/password (create free account at onesignal.com)
  • 300×50 Ad Code (if you use your own adserver such as Google, etc.) You may use ours free of charge.
Step One
Now, to order your apps:

You’ll be charged a total of $2500 for your two apps. That covers Android and iOS. If you would like an Amazon Fire capable app, you can add one later for a $99 one-time fee. You may also add an Amazon Alexa Skill for just $99 one-time + an additional $10 per month. These are completely optional.

*Please note, if you need a multi-stream app for 2 or more stations inside a single app, please contact us for pricing.

Step Two
Once you have completed your initial payment, you’ll be sent to our app ordering wizard to give us the details of your app. Apps can be published in as little as two weeks, but usually take about 30-45 days. If you are in a rush, we do offer a rush order for an additional fee. Due to work-load, delivery times without a rush fee are not guaranteed. Inquire before ordering if you have a hard deadline.

Step Three
When your apps are built and approved, you’ll be asked to create a membership in our customer dashboard where you’ll be able to upload, store and schedule your apps pre-roll audio, advertising banners, custom backgrounds or anything else you have customized in your app. This service is $30 per month (which covers both apps) and is required for our service. Please note if you require a change to your app such as a new logo, wording change or other option that requires a new version, there is a $99 minimum fee for each published version. Please see Terms Of Service for full details. Also note any new features added to the app are subject to a quote for additional work as well as the change fee.

  • Single station bundle. More than one station? Contact us for cluster pricing.
    Price: $2,500.00
  • If you have HD or side channels, or want more than one stream in a single app, please add those here.
  • *multi-stream apps default to a main brand but through a menu option, users can choose another station or stream, such as an HD2 or sister-station. The second stream/station then has it's own full menu like the first. For an example please download the KXOJ or KLTZ apps.
  • Add Ons

  • For a one-time cost of $800 your Android app can be made compatible with Android Auto.
  • For a one-time cost of $800 your Apple app can be made compatible with Apple Carplay.
  • For a one-time cost of $199 your Android app can be made compatible with Chromecast so you can send your stream to any Chromscast device.
  • Would you like us to build you an Amazon Alexa custom skill? Please note this adds $10/month to your monthly fee in addition to the one-time cost.
  • We can submit your app to the Amazon Fire Store for an additional $99 one-time fee with no recurring costs.
  • To use a coupon, you must select Android Auto, Apple Carplay and Chromecast addons above.
  • Please review the Terms Of Service
  • $0.00

*terms and conditions apply.