Let’s make your app!

Welcome to the first step in creating your custom radio apps for iOS and Android. There is a two-step process to get your apps started.

Step One
First, you’ll order your apps using the button below.

You’ll be charged a total of $1998 for your two apps. That’s $999 each for iOS and Android.

Step Two
Once you have completed your initial payment, you’ll be sent to our app ordering wizard to give us the details of your app. Apps can be published in as little as one week, but will never take more than 30 days.

Step Three
When your apps are built and approved (about 2 weeks), you’ll be asked to create a membership in our customer dashboard where you’ll be able to upload, store and schedule your apps pre-roll audio, advertising banners, custom backgrounds or anything else you have customized in your app. This service is $20 per month (which covers both apps) and is required for our service. This covers any bug fixes, mandatory updates (such as if Apple or Google change their code requirements) and changes to the API’s used (such as OneSignal, Facebook, etc.). Your monthly fee also covers any basic design changes to your app. For example, if you update your logo or color scheme, we’ll update your app at no additional charge! If you change your format entirely, we’ll make a new app for the new format- no additional charge*!

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