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Convert your Apple Developer Program from Individual to Organization

If you’ve incorporated your business, then Apple will require you to register as a Corporation to have your app published on the App Store. If you submit your app under an Individual account in your name, it will be rejected.

You must enroll as an organization if your company is a registered company such as Corporation (Corp., Inc.), Limited Liability Company (LLC, LC, Ltd. Co.), or a legal entity (GmbH, AG, KG, oHg, etc.).

If you are a sole proprietorship you must register as an Individual. Apple does not accept DBAs, fictitious businesses, trade names, or branches for enrollment as a company/organization

Benefits of an Organization account:

  • You can invite developers to access your account
  • You can choose the name that will be displayed on the stores as the Developer of the app – this will match your company name e.g. Business Inc.
  • Apple will know you’re authorized to act for the company and will not challenge your use of your own brand name and content

Convert your registration

To change your account to a Corporate account, submit a request to Apple Developer Program Support.

  1. Navigate to the Contact Us form on Apple Developer’s Program pages.
  2. Log in with the Apple ID and Password
  3. Select your Region.
  4. Choose Account Updates and Renewals as your Subject.
  5. Enter a message with text along these lines

    “I’d like to convert my account from Individual to Organization. This will be our only Organization account.

    Here are the information regarding the company:

    • CEO/Director Name: First and Last Name.
    • Company Name: Your Company Name, including Ltd or Inc.
    • Account Type: Organization.
    • D-U-N-S Number: your Company’s DUNS number.
    • Address: Your Company’s Legal Address.
    • Phone Number: Your mobile phone or another phone number where you can be reached

Apple will call to verify your enrollment. They’ll then send you an email with a link to a form for you to fill out more info about your Company.

Organizations enrolling in the Apple Developer Program will need:

  • Legal Entity Status
    Your business must be recognized as a legal entity (e.g., a corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company) to enter into the legal terms and obligations of Apple Developer Program. The legal entity name will appear as the developers for apps you distribute on the App Store. Example: Seller: ABC Company, Inc.
  • A D‑U‑N‑S Number
    You must have a D‑U‑N‑S Number so that Apple can verify your organization’s identity and legal entity status. Learn more about what is a DUNS number and how you can get one for your company.
  • Legal Binding Authority
    You must have the legal authority to bind your organization to legal agreements. You must be the organization’s owner/founder, executive team member, senior project lead, or have legal authority granted to you by a senior employee.
  • A WebsiteYour Company needs a public website and your domain name should be owned by the company.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast feature allows your app to be “sent” to any Chromecast device like a tv, tablet or smart speaker. This enables users to play the app on other devices. See more at

What is Apple Carplay?

Carplay is an auto dashboard control unit that allows your compatible app to be accessed from the dashboard. Read more here:

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a new Dashboard interface in cars that allow compatible apps to be accessed from the dashboard. You can read more about it here:

What if I need to change something?

For minor changes, such as a new logo, additional menu item, new or different social link, etc. you will only pay a one-time $99 publishing fee for the new version. If you find a bug or a problem that is our fault, we will of course update it for free.

If you need to add a new feature, we will provide a custom quote to add the new feature. Contact support with your request.

How do banner ads and pre-rolls work?

We’ve developed an easy-to-use online media scheduler at You will have access to this dashboard where you can manage and schedule pre-roll audio for your app. When your app starts, it will play this pre-roll before the stream starts. You can also show a short mp4 video before the stream starts. Optionally, you can display a 300×50 banner at the top of your app and manage that through your own ad banner server, admob or use our free Revive Ad Server.

What is an Amazon Fire app?

Amazon requires a special submission of your app code to be compatible with Amazon Fire Tablets and phones, and to be listed in the Amazon app store. We can do this for you for a single one-time fee of $99, if ordered at the same time as the apps.

What is an Amazon Alexa Skill?

Amazon Alexa skills are special “apps” for the Echo and Dot smart speaker line. These speakers have been a top seller over the last year and many stations understand it’s an opportunity for more listeners to “tune in” via the Echo. We can build you an Alexa Skill for a one-time fee of $99 + an additional $10/month. That means if you order with your apps you’ll pay a total of $30 per month hosting fee for your apps and your skill. For more information on skills visit

What is a multiple station app?

A multiple station app is simply a single app with multiple stations available within it. Perhaps you have a cluster of stations in a market that you want to brand under one app, or a station with an HD2 or online side-channel you wish to make available in a single app. Your app can open up and be fully branded as “WXYZ” but through a menu option, allow users to switch to “WXYZ-HD2” and experience that station without switching to another app. Download the KXOJ app for an example of a multi-station app.

What is dynamic content?

One of the ways to keep your app fresh is with dynamic content. We provide this through our customer dashboard. For example, you used to have to update your app in the app store just to change the pre-roll audio or video. Now you can do it on the fly and your listeners will not have to update the app. You can change backgrounds for holidays or special occasions, or change the shout-out graphic and of course ad banners. You can even schedule different elements like you would advertising.