Verse Of The Day

If your Christian station features a verse of the day on-air, on your website or on social media, this is a great option to sync it up with your app. If you already have a feed (RSS, XML or JSON) of your verse, we can grab it and show it on your app. If you do not, we will give you a fully-license copy of our WordPress VOTD app for free with this add-on.

Bible Verse Plugin on Home Page

The plugin allows you you to schedule in advance you own verse of the day along with a custom verse image, link to Bible Gateway for more reading and social buttons to share the VOTD.

VOTD plugin individual verse post.

Once you set that up on your website, we’ll sync it inside your app with powerful sharing options so the verses can be easily passed along.

We also include a set of 365 verses with your logo watermarked on them, giving you everything you need to get started.